Frequently asked questions

Why ThaiFlirting is better than other websites

  • We offer 100% Free service.
  • We don’t request for financial information for any membership.
  • Easy and more ways to register
  • You can easily find people and share your interest, send messages, kisses, make your interest known to them, chat and send gifts. Our application has all the necessary online dating tools to help you find your love.
  • Photo verification option will help you verify that you are talking to the person who owns the profile picture and not an imposter.
  • We also have a mobile application for better and faster functions so that you can enjoy ThaiFlirting both on the computer and on your mobile phone. Make your online presence felt anytime, anywhere.
  • Multilingual and interpreting system to promote communication in any language you prefer. It is easy, no need to connect multiple programs



How to Register

  • There was a problem with the registration. Why can't I register?
  • Make sure the name you entered has not been used already. If the name already exists you must change or modify it with numbers and there must be no space. For example: Goodman123 or Steve1212
  • Make sure you entered the correct email or phone number. A red text in the registration area means missing or wrongly entered information.
  • Please read and contact us If you still can’t sign up. You can contact us via email or contact form or on through our Facebook page. Please send screenshots and details of your difficulty to us and we will try to solve the problem for you.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. I forgot my password Or Incorrect password

On the login page, click on "Forgot your password" and enter your email address and wait for an email from us with a link and a code. Click the link or copy it to your URL. You will receive a confirmation email asking you to reset your password. Enter your new password and confirm. You can log in to your profile using your email and new password - make sure they are accurate. Click "Remember Me" to stay logged on, so you don’t always have to enter your email address and password.


2. How do I edit my profile?

On the "Profile" menu, select "View my profile." You will see a pencil at the corner which is the "edit" button. Click on it to begin editing your profile. You can change everything in the field you want to edit and save.


3. How do I upload a photo?

Changing profile photo is easy. Click on your picture on the main page. The site will open to the page that will allow you to choose a picture from your device. Select the desired image and crop to the desired size and save.


4. I uploaded pictures, but it is missing

We do not allow child photos on profile pages. Famous photo, Violent Pictures, Religious related images or other sensitive photos. If repeatedly loaded we will remove your profile.
We also recommend you to verify your photos because it helps improve your reputation on ThaiFlirting and can result in even more messages and connections.


5. Can I change my username?

No, you cannot. Only when you register or sign up, you need to choose the username. The only way you can change your username is to terminate the account and create a new one.


6. I was suspected as a spammer, and my account has limited sending messages.

Do not panic; we just want you to prove you are a person and you can upload photos for verification. Your profile may have been reported , or our system detected inappropriate behavior like the use of the wrong IP. Once you provide verified photos, you will be able to resume normal use of your account within 24 hours.


7. I want to close my profile temporarily

When you meet people you like so much or want to stay offline for some time, you can hide your profile by going to the profile menu and selecting "Settings". Under the "Status", click "Disabled". Your profile will not be visible to anyone. No one can send you a message or see any of your information. You can come back anytime by resetting your profile back to "Visible."


8. Can I send my email to members?

We don’t recommend you to give any information to the member until you know them better. You should communicate here on the website till you meet someone you like or want to exchange some of your social media accounts. That should prevent a scammer or spammer from having too much information about you.


9. What do other members see in my profile?

You can check how other members see your profile. Go to the profile menu and click "View my profile". That is how other members see you. No one can see who visited your profile, who sent you kisses, or who you sent kisses. Only you can see your favourite list or your messages.


10. Privacy setting

Also you can do setting your Privacy to disallow who isn’t the member of พนันบอลออนไลน์ ฟรี to see your profile and also search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex etc) to link your Profile to public. But this may take some time or few days.


11. Report and complain abusive members

If you feel that someone is hurting you, annoying or disturb you, go to their profile and click "Report" and choose reason or tell us why you want to report them. Your complaint will be recorded in our system. We check it every day and will delete profiles or send warnings to reported members about their inappropriate behavior. If you do not want to see them or do not want them to visit your profile, you can click "Add to blacklist", which will block them from contacting you or seeing your profile.


12. Can I see who I blocked and how can I unblock them.

Go to the Menu “List” and choose "My blacklist" to display the list of people you've blocked. You can unblock someone by clicking on the cross in their profile box.


13. What if the website has pictures of me on someone else profile?

If you have never registered on this website or never used this username, but you found your photos on the website's profile, you should contact us by sending an email with the profile name that use your photo and attach photos of your ID card (you can hide your sensitive information), to prove that’s you. We will delete the profile as soon as possible.


14. How can I change the email language settings and email notifications

In the "Setting" menu you will see account setting, you can change your email address or password or any settings you want, and you can also set the Language Translation System. You can also set notifications that you want or turn off those you don’t want.


15. How can I be VIP member or Upgrade membership

Go to Profile Menu "Setting" under the heading “My registration information” you will see  “Upgrade account” click to see what promotion you prefer and how much coins you will need. If you have enough coins then you can upgrade. If you need more coins you can click at “get more coins” click “buy coins” then do the process of “upgrade account” again


16. Delete the profile, or I no longer want to use the site

Go to Profile Menu "Setting" under the heading “Privacy settings” you will see two choices


“Disable my profile”

Your profile won't be available in search results, but all your profile information will stand anyways


"Membership Termination"

Select this option and confirm the password to delete your account. The username will no longer be available. Your information will be permanently deleted, and we will not be able to retrieve any recordings, conversations or information back.

  • If you are still not sure of deleting your account, you can “Disable my profile.”
    To keep all your information and your messages, but no one will find your profile on the search, and no one can send a message to you, and we will not email you or disturb you.
  • When you wish to join back again, log in to the website with your password and go to “Settings”. In the “Privacy settings” select “Enable my profile”.
    Your profile will be accessible from search results for everyone again.
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