Success Stories


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Thank you Thaiflirting

?????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? Was our love destiny...????????????? Thank you to Thai Flirting for us to found real love here. We were so happy and we had now marriage after we take time to learning each other . We had a trip to visit in Thailand and Usa. She will move to living in Usa soon. Hope everyone will find lover here...

Linda & Richard

I met my love with Thaiflirting

I found good man from Thaiflirting already, thank you. Now we stay together and get married in 18.12.2017 in Thailand. I have picture of us in my profile, you can use to share for Cheering up other members. Love


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Keaw and Tony

I have got a wonderful wife. Thanks

Thank you Thaiflirting !! I have found my beautiful woman through your website. I have been very fortunate to find such a wonderful family and a beautiful country I will live. We are already planning a marriages and have new family here in Thailand. It was so hard to find someone special for the old guy like me. But this website have success in this way to bring a lot girls to here that I can...

Mike and Fon

My dream comes true

As a long long time that I have been looking for my love again after my wife pass away. I did not think about I would meet the most sweet woman from Thailand. But your site Thaiflirting made it happens!! And here I am with my new love and new life. Soon I will move to live in Thailand with her. We will build a happy family again. The rest of my life will be here with a wonderful place. Wish...

Ying and Jason

Thank you. I meet him

I was membership here since July 2014 after my heart was broken. Then my heart was getting healed from kindness from many good men on this site. There were some men trying to approach me sexually or scammer how try to ask for the money too. But I have chosen to look on the good side of the dating website. Then finally I found an American man who was new on this site. I send him first with my...

NidNoy and Math


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Karn and Tommy

I found her.

I got my love from here. We spoke I said if she makes a year together ?I will marry her So that's it ?I ?got her ? After 7 ?months of looking in Thailand? Thank you Thaiflirting really a free site You are welcome to post this? as long as its 1st name basis ?as a success story? BTW? I been looking for my soul mate ?for over 4 years, traveled the world? over 20 countries But I got...

William and Palin

We found love.

I have been a member here for quite some time. I had always hoped that I would find the right woman and that it happened. I was contacted by many wonderful women and I have chosen just a few to have serious chatting. Then finally I met her. We started our relationship after a few weeks. I traveled to Thailand and we spent time together in Bangkok. Words cannot describe the connection me and her...

Jue and Pim
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